Saturday, April 20, 2013

Life Drawing Highlights

In-class drawing of a skeleton in a pose of my choice from memory.
(The best of three drawings. No references, not from observation.)

Five figures in perspective, 3 minutes for each drawing.
Drawing Muscles on a skinny man.

Three Portraits on a page, 5 minutes for each drawing.
(Wanted to post this despite the page wrinkling, which happened somehow in storage.)

30 second drawing

Two well-drawn lines on here are Mark Thurman's to show me how to improve (and to go beyond a high "C"): one of these is connecting the ribcage to the pelvis, and the other describes the top of the upraised arm.

A strong 3 minute

 This one is even closer to a "B" grade. (The bold lines bringing forward the left arm and the other bold line on the right side of the back are Mark Thurman's.)

5 minute drawing


30 second drawing
This one, even though lacking in basic structure was worthy of showing in a progress portfolio because it has "good lyricism"

Spending time on the face.

Into his work.

The Unknown Student.

A caricature of the model as an aging criminal.

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