Sunday, April 28, 2013

March 2013 Zoo Drawings

Day 7 ¦ 7η Ημέρα

Drawn as imagined  I was not sitting in an elevated
position from the three guys.

Ζωγραφιζμένο όπως το φαντάστικα· στην πραγματικότητα
δεν βρισκόμουνα σε υψηλομένο όροφο από αυτούς τους τρεις.

2 Exercises that I am going back to

(Α head-turn of Miguel from Road to El Dorado, and a walk cycle of a tiger).
Miguel from Road To El Dorado 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 5 ¦ 5η Ημέρα

The girl's legs were not making sense,
at first. My friend Naddya made me pose it
and drew my own feet to show me.

(Naddya's drawing based on my feet.)
The lesson here was to think properly. A foot will never go in the
right place if both legs were not posed clearly to begin with.
(WHICH cannot happen if the legs were not joined properly at the hip.) 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 2 ¦ 2η Ημέρα

Yup the guy, at the top reminded me
to not forget center of balance in future drawing. 
I'll just post this twice because it's hard to see.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

My First Adobe Flash Animations

I need to add a burp sound to this. :D

The path the leaf takes and the cute giraffe up close! :D

The idea is that the Pink Panther is robbing
the art gallery. Just combining some exercises. :D

Ovoid Study

Observation of an egg under a single light source.

Life Drawing Highlights

In-class drawing of a skeleton in a pose of my choice from memory.
(The best of three drawings. No references, not from observation.)

Five figures in perspective, 3 minutes for each drawing.
Drawing Muscles on a skinny man.

Three Portraits on a page, 5 minutes for each drawing.
(Wanted to post this despite the page wrinkling, which happened somehow in storage.)

30 second drawing

Two well-drawn lines on here are Mark Thurman's to show me how to improve (and to go beyond a high "C"): one of these is connecting the ribcage to the pelvis, and the other describes the top of the upraised arm.

A strong 3 minute

 This one is even closer to a "B" grade. (The bold lines bringing forward the left arm and the other bold line on the right side of the back are Mark Thurman's.)

5 minute drawing


30 second drawing
This one, even though lacking in basic structure was worthy of showing in a progress portfolio because it has "good lyricism"

Spending time on the face.

Into his work.

The Unknown Student.

A caricature of the model as an aging criminal.